Thursday, August 22, 1996

PA confirms that Arafat adviser Mahmud Abbas met today with Netanyahu adviser Dore Gold in Tel Aviv to discuss resumption of Palestinian-Israeli Steering and Monitoring Committee (PISMC) meetings. (MM 8/23)

Egyptian Pres. Husni Mubarak says Cairo Economic Summit scheduled for 11/96 may be canceled if conditions of the peace process do not improve by then. (HA 8/23 in IL 8/23; RE 8/23 in WNC 8/27; NYT, WP 8/26; MEI 9/6)

 Arafat complains that Israel delays for 3 hrs. permission for him to fly his helicopter fr. Gaza to the West Bank to meet with fmr. PM Shimon Peres; cancels Israeli-PA mtg. on civilian affairs in protest. Peres ends up mtg. Arafat in Gaza. PM Netanyahu says Peres is undermining the government's peace process by mtg. with Arab leaders while in the opposition. (CSM 8/22; IDF Radio 8/22 in WNC 8/24; CSM, MM, NYT, WT 8/23; PR 8/30; MEI 9/6) (see 8/20)

PM Netanyahu decides not to establish national security council as originally proposed 6/19. Instead, a small team of advisers will be set up. David Ivri, who was to have headed the council, will stay on in his position as DMin. dir. gen. (HA 8/23 in IL 8/23; JP 8/31)

Jordanian government rejects request by 11 opposition parties to hold a demonstration in Amman 8/23 against abolition of the bread subsidy. (Star [Aman] 8/22 in WNC 8/27)

Turkey announces that it will continue to improve its relations with Libya despite U.S. legislation enacted 8/5. Turkey hopes to collect $350 m. owed by Libya to Turkish contractors. (Sabah [Istanbul] 8/22 in WNC 8/30; Turkiye 9/29 in WNC 10/2)

In n. Iraq, KDP-PUK fighting is in its 6th day. U.S. calls for a cease-fire. (MM 8/22) (see 8/17)