Thursday, September 5, 1996

As right-wing Jews stunned by Netanyahu-Arafat mtg. protest outside the PM's office, Netanyahu faces hecklers in the Knesset who also oppose the mtg.; tells MKs meeting Arafat "wasn't easy" but he will fire fr. his cabinet any M who can't accept it; also announces he has directed the Finance Ministry to permit the sale, occupation of 3,000 housing units in West Bank settlements kept vacant by the Labor government since 1992. (MM 9/5; ITV 9/5 in WNC 9/9, WNC 9/10; MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/6; JT 9/8 in WNC 9/10; YA 9/8 in WNC 9/12; WJW 9/12; JP 9/14)

Jordanian government announces it will try 145 persons in connections with 8/96 bread riots. (NYT 9/6)

Turkey sends planes to bomb the Turkish separatist Kurdish Worker Party (PKK) in n. Iraq; announces plans to create a 10-km. wide "security zone" in the Kurdish enclave, similar to Israel's self-declared security zone in s. Lebanon. In Irbil, KDP forces attack PUK outposts to secure their hold in the city. In s. Iraq, U.S. begins to patrol expanded no-fly zone. France, which helps patrol the original no-fly zone, refuses to send planes above the 32d parallel (see 9/3). (MM 9/5; TDN 9/5 in WNC 9/6; al-Ra'i 9/5 in WNC 9/9; NYT, WP, WT 9/6; al-Dustur, VIRI 9/7 in WNC 9/10) (see 8/17, 9/4)