Tuesday, September 10, 1996

In Paris, Israeli FM Levy discusses peace process with Pres. Chirac, FM Hervé de Charette. (France-Inter Radio Network [Paris], ITV 9/10 in WNC 9/12; MM 9/11)

In New York, Israeli PM Netanyahu meets with mbrs. of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, visits Lubavitcher Hasidic spiritual leader Rebbe Menachem Schneerson's grave. (ITV 9/10 in WNC 9/12; MM 9/11; MA 9/11 in WNC 9/13; WJW 9/12, 9/19)

In implementation of cabinet decision 8/2, IDF Central Commander Maj. Gen Uzi Dayan signs order setting procedures for authorization of settlement construction, expansion in the West Bank, Gaza. The order requires local planning comms. to obtain permission of DM Yitzhak Mordechai at every stage of most construction projects. Settlers term procedures needlessly cumbersome. (HA 9/11 in IL 9/11)

Israel's Prime Minster's Office announces new "Israel 2000" program intended to make development towns and regions economically self-sufficient. Program will be implemented in 19 communities. Residents will be given housing subsidies, loans, stipends; municipal boundaries of these locations will be expanded. (HA 9/11 in IL 9/11)

In Hebron, Jewish settlers break into 4 Palestinians stores, confiscate their goods, occupy them. The IDF sealed the stores in the city center after the al-Ibrahimi mosque massacre in 2/94. (PR 9/20)

South Africa says it will not renew existing defense, economic contracts with Israel; though relations remain good, South Africa is adjusting to a peacetime domestic economy. (IDF Radio 9/10 in WNC 9/12)

Jordanian officials release al-Ahali editor Usama al-Rantisi after he is charged with "publishing material deemed as instigating public disorder" during the 8/16-17 riots. The 4 al-Bilad journalists detained 8/20, 1 fr. al-Majd, another fr. al-Aswaq are still in custody awaiting trial. ASB Secy. Gen. Tayseer Homsi is arrested for alleged involvement in the riots. (MM 9/11; JT 9/11 in WNC 9/12)

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood (JMB) denounces self-described "West Bank JMB official" Sa'id Bilal for requesting that the PA license, and thereby legalize, JMB activities in the self-rule areas; says Bilal is not a JMB mbr. Hamas concurs, claims attempts to form a JMB branch in the territories is an attempt by the PA to divide the Islamist opposition. (al-Ra'i 9/10 in WNC 9/12; VIRI 9/16 in WNC 9/18)

U.S. publicly redefines its strategic interest in Iraq for the 1st time in 5 yrs., saying it is interested solely in containing Saddam Hussein's military operations nr. the Kuwaiti, Saudi oil fields, rather than curbing his influence in n. Iraq and assuring humanitarian aid to the Kurds. (NYT, WP 9/11) (see 9/9)

Iraqi delegation arrives in Ankara for 2 days of talks with PM Erbakan, FM Ciller regarding bilateral relations, establishment of "security zone" in n. Iraq. Iraq proposes instead that Turkey conclude a border security arrangement with the KDP to prevent PKK mbrs. fr. crossing into Turkey. (MM 9/10; INA [Baghdad], TDN 9/11 in WNC 9/13; Milliyet [Istanbul] 9/12 in WNC 9/17 MEI 9/20) (see 9/6)