Thursday, October 31, 1996

PISMC resumes mtg. (ITV 10/31 in WNC 11/10)

Israeli-PA joint patrols resume in Janin, Jericho. Qarni crossing point opens for entry of food, medical supplies fr. Israel; export of agricultural products fr. Gaza. Israel increases number of Palestinian merchants allowed into Israel fr. 100 to 500. (HA, QY 10/31 in IL 10/31; PR 11/8; JP 11/16)

Russian FM Primakov arrives in Israel; meets with PM Netanyahu, Pres. Weizman, FM Levy. (QY 10/31 in IL 10/31; ITV 10/31 in WNC 11/4; MM 11/1; HA 11/1 in IL 11/1; ITV 11/1 in WNC 11/5)

PM Netanyahu cancels mtg. with settler leaders planned for today after reports that such mtgs. have become regular weekly events. (IDF Radio 10/31 in WNC 11/1; MM 11/1) (see 10/27)

In Ankara, KDP, PUK sign truce, committing them to reconciliation aimed at reestablishing the power-sharing agmt. that collapsed in 1993 and which gave the KDP an upper hand in a coalition government in n. Iraq. (CSM, MM 11/1; MM 11/4) (see 10/30)