Thursday, May 23, 1996

IDF tightens closure, forbidding Palestinians to attend their jobs in West Bank settlements. (QY 5/23 in FBIS 5/23) (see 5/18)

Turkey's PM Yilmaz says military cooperation pact with Israel has done more harm than good, provoking domestic and Arab opposition. Turkish FMin., however, says it is satisfied with the pact. (MM 5/23, MM 5/28) (see 5/20)

Lebanon sends Palestinian to Germany to stand trial for 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing. (VOL 5/23 in FBIS 5/24; NYT 5/24) (see 5/14)

American Israel Public Affairs Comm. (AIPAC) exec. dir. Neil Sher resigns to pursue work related to securing restitution for Holocaust survivors fr. Swiss banks. Howard Kohr, who, unlike Sher, is a Likud supporter skeptical of the peace process, takes over as interim dir. (WJW 5/30; JP 6/1; WT 6/4)