Monday, June 3, 1996

In his 1st public reaction to Netanyahu's win, Arafat demands the new Israeli government stick to the agmts. signed by fmr. PM Yitzhak Rabin, caretaker PM Peres, particularly by withdrawing fr. Hebron. (MM 6/3)

After 3-hr. mtg. with Pres. Mubarak in Cairo, Syrian Pres. Asad says resuming peace talks with Israel is impossible until the policies of the Netanyahu government become clear. Mubarak echoes his wait-and-see position. (MM 6/3; MENA, RE 6/3 in FBIS 6/4; NYT, WP, WT 6/4; SARR 6/4 in FBIS 6/5)

Amb. to Israel Martin Indyk says U.S. will make sure Netanyahu redeploys troops in Hebron. (CSM, WT 6/4)

U.S. special envoy Ross phones PM-elect Netanyahu, offers to fly to Israel to brief him on the negotiations. Netanyahu say mtg. would be premature. (NYT 6/7)

Likud's Sharon threatens to resign his Knesset seat if Netanyahu does not offer him a senior cabinet position. (IDF Radio 6/3 in FBIS 6/4; YA 6/5 in FBIS 6/5)

In Hebron, Palestinians clash with IDF after troops detain a number of PA policemen, search their vehicle. (MM, WP, WT 6/4)

In the West Bank, 4 Israeli phone company workers are slightly injured when a bomb explodes in an olive grove as they enter it to repair a phone line. (CSM, WP 6/4)

NISP says it is holding talks with Hamas to bring the two groups' positions closer together, calls on all factions to end armed operations. (al-Hayat al-Jadida 6/3 in FBIS 6/5)

In Lebanon, British FM Jeremy Hanley, Lebanese PM Hariri, FM Buwayz discuss European economic assistance to Lebanon for reconstruction, following Israel's 4/96 offensive. (VOL 6/3 in FBIS 6/4)

Political infighting prompts Turkish opposition to call for a no-confidence vote on PM Yilmaz that will likely topple his 3-mo.-old government. (WT 6/4; CSM 6/5)