Wednesday, June 19, 1996

In 1st cabinet session, PM Netanyahu creates U.S.-style national security council (NSC); appoints David Ivri, fmr. DM dir. gen., as its chief. Purpose of council is to institutionalize security, foreign policy decision making in the PM's office, outside the FM, DM, while relieving the PM of carrying the DM portfolio (as PMs Rabin, Peres had done). Also sets up council of economic advisers (CEA). (QY, IDF Radio 6/19 in FBIS 6/20; MM, WT 6/20; JP 6/29; CSM 7/8)

New Israeli Transportation M Yitzhak Levi says he will not cede any of his departments to Sharon's new National Infrastructure Min. Agriculture M Eitan says he will leave the government before giving Sharon control of any water issues. (QY 6/19 in FBIS 6/20; MM 6/20) (see 6/18)

Israel's new FM David Levy terms upcoming Arab summit "superfluous"; says Arab states should stop worrying about Netanyahu's intentions and start looking for ways to improve relations with Israel. (QY 6/19 in FBIS 6/20; WP 6/20)

In Washington, France, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, the U.S. resume talks on a cease-fire monitoring comm. for 1st time since Israeli elections. Parties discuss points in dispute, return to their governments for input, hope this will be last round of discussions. Outstanding point remains rotation of comm. chair. (MM 6/20; RL 6/20 in FBIS 6/20) (see 5/21)

UN Secy. Gen. Butros-Ghali announces he will seek a 2d term as sec. gen. despite U.S. warning that it is prepared to use its veto as a permanent mbr. of the Security Council to block him. (NYT, WP, WT 6/20; MENA 6/20, SA 6/21 in FBIS 6/21; al-Hayat 6/22, MENA 6/23 in FBIS 6/25; MM 6/26; WT 7/6) (see 5/7)