Thursday, June 20, 1996

PC ends 2-day session in Ramallah. (VOP 6/20 in FBIS 6/21; PR 6/28)

Israel further eases closure, permitting Palestinian trucks to enter Israel for the 1st time in 3 mos., Palestinian prisoners to receive visitors. (CSM 6/21) (see 6/5)

PSF, Israeli officials meet in Gaza. PSF head Muhammad Dahlan says he can prevent Hamas attacks during 1st 100 days of new Israeli government but is rapidly losing support on the street for the PA's continued crackdown on Hamas; after 100 days he can make no guarantees. (QY 6/21 in FBIS 6/21)

After talks with the PA, the Qassam Brigades offers Israel a freeze on military action "for a specific period, which is renewable," in exchange for a halt to Israel's crackdown on Hamas. (QY 6/20 in FBIS 6/20; AFP, JMCC 6/20 in FBIS 6/21; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 6/21)

State Dept. hands Israeli defense officials an intelligence report, containing classified CIA information, alleging Israel has transferred U.S. military avionics--incl. advanced radar-detection system, electronic warfare equipment--to China. Israel denies transaction. (WT 6/19; QY 6/20 in FBIS 6/21; WJW 8/22) (see 1/8/95)