Thursday, July 4, 1996

PM Netanyahu finalizes creation of infrastructure portfolio for Sharon. Among Sharon's new responsibilities are development in the s. Negev, n. Galilee; construction of homes outside cities; bypass roads; water; sewage; railroads. (MM, WP 7/4; QY 7/4 in FBIS 7/5; CSM, WP, WT 7/5) (see 7/3)

PSF arrests 4 Islamic Jihad mbrs. for Tahayna murder, blames Islamic Jihad infighting for his death. (QY 7/5 in FBIS 7/5) (see 7/3)

Shin Bet announces that, after 2 mos. of questioning, Hamas's Salameh recently "broke down" and admitted being trained in Iran (see 5/17); sees this as "further proof" Iran is behind terrorist activity; says it has been "unsuccessful" in extracting a similar confession fr. Husayn Maqdad, wounded 3-mos. ago in an East Jerusalem explosion (see 5/16). (YA 7/4 in FBIS 7/5)