Friday, July 26, 1996

PM Netanyahu orders the resumption of Israeli-PA security contacts. (MEI 7/5)

2 Israelis are killed, 1 is wounded in a drive-by shooting 15 mi. southwest of Jerusalem in central Israel. IDF suspects PFLP carried out attack, reseals West Bank, closes Jericho, demands PA find assailants. (MM, WP 7/26; QY, VOP 7/26 in FBIS 7/26; NYT, WP, WT 7/27; WP 7/29; WJW 8/1)

Pres. Clinton rejects clemency appeal of convicted spy for Israel, Jonathan Pollard. Israeli PM Netanyahu regrets the decision. (NYT 7/27; IDF Radio, QY 7/27 in FBIS 7/29; WT 7/28; WJW 8/1)

Palestinian fr. s. Lebanon hijacks Cuba bound Iberia airplane to Miami, turns himself over to U.S. officials. (NYT 7/31)