Wednesday, July 31, 1996

Fmr. Israeli negotiator and Peres aide Yossi Beilin confirms Hirschfeld's 7/14 report. PA confirms Beilin's statement. (MM 7/31; QY 7/31 in FBIS 7/31; CSM, NYT, WT 8/1; QY 7/31, JP 8/1 in FBIS 8/1; CSM 8/2; WT 8/7; PR 8/9; JP 8/10)

Arafat says PA has reached agmt. with Israel for release of Hamas spiritual leader Shaykh Ahmad Yasin, is awaiting implementation. (QY 7/31 in FBIS 8/1)

Palestinian prisoner Mahmud Jumayil dies, becoming the 7th to die in PA custody. In Bethlehem at its weekly session, PC sets up comm. to investigate the death; Arafat says 3 officers already have been detained. (VOP 8/1 in FBIS 8/1; VOP 8/1 in FBIS 8/2; MM, NYT, WT 8/2; Houston Chronicle 8/5; PR 8/9; MEI 8/16; WP 8/20) (see 7/30)

CIA tells Congress's Select Comm. on Intelligence that 6 countries (China, Cuba, France, Iran, Israel, Russia) are involved in industrial espionage against the U.S. Israel denies the charge. (ITV 7/31 in FBIS 8/1; WP 8/16)

Hizballah attacks IDF, SLA position in s. Lebanon. IDF, SLA return fire, killing 1 Hizballah mbr. (JP 8/1 in FBIS 8/1; VOL 8/1 in FBIS 8/2)