Tuesday, August 6, 1996

PC holds special session. PC Land and Settlement Comm. decides to form district comms. to direct antisettlement actions, confront land confiscations. (QY 8/5 in FBIS 8/6; NYT 8/7; MM 8/8; PR 8/16)

Shas, NRP agree to share religious affairs portfolio, alternate yrs. serving as religious affairs M. (QY 8/6 in FBIS 8/6) (see 7/1)

DFLP, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, PFLP issue joint statement calling on Palestinians to unite, work toward a democratic society, find alternatives to resolving differences by violence. (al-Bilad 8/7 in FBIS 8/9)

Nr. Hebron, Israel bulldozes Palestinian home to make way for bypass road; displaces 14-mbr. family. (PR 8/23)

In s. Lebanon, Hizballah shells IDF post, killing 1, wounding 2. (IDF Radio 8/6 in FBIS 8/7; MM, WP, WT 8/7)