Wednesday, August 7, 1996

Israeli FM Levy refuses to attend mtgs. with PM Netanyahu in protest over the PM's exclusion of FMin. officials fr. the Israeli delegation to Jordan 8/5; tendency to ignore the FMin.; failure to brief the FMin. on mtgs. (particularly those made by Gold) with foreign leaders (incl. an alleged secret overture to Morocco made recently by Gold). (MM 8/7; JP 8/7 in FBIS 8/7; ITV 8/7 in FBIS 8/8; MM, WT 8/8; NYT 8/9; WP 8/10)

Israeli DM Mordechai complains about how PM Netanyahu is conducting contacts with the PA, deliberations on Hebron; says Netanyahu is using private advisers, such as Gold, Cabinet Secy. Dani Nave, too much and the DMin. too little. (ITV 8/7 in FBIS 8/8)

Arafat orders release of 120 of Hamas mbrs. to allay tensions following protests in Nablus (8/1), Tulkarm (8/2). (QY 8/7 in FBIS 8/8; NYT 8/25) (see 8/3)