Monday, January 8, 1996

Knesset passes 1st reading of bill on implementing Oslo II. (MM 1/9)

During a press conference, PM Peres offers Lebanon a limited withdrawal fr. part of s. Lebanon to test the Lebanese army's ability to keep border security. (AFP 1/8 in FBIS 1/1)

In Paris, PA, France sign economic agmt. (PWR 1/23)

In Jerusalem, U.S. Defense Secy. Perry meets with PM Peres. (MM 1/8; IDF Radio 1/8 in FBIS 1/11; WT 1/9)

Shin Bet head Karmi Gilon, until now known only as "K," resigns under pressure for not preventing Rabin assassination. (IDF Radio, QY 1/8 in FBIS 1/11; MM, WP, WT 1/9; WJW, WP 1/11)

Shin Bet requests deportation of American David Ben Ariel, a mbr. of Temple Mount Faithful who was arrested 1/4 for plotting to blow up al-Aqsa mosque. (JP 1/8 in FBIS 1/11)