Sunday, January 18, 2015

In the Gaza Strip, civil employees in the ministries of public works, labor, justice, and women’s affairs go on strike in protest of the fact that they haven’t been paid a full salary since 6/2. In the West Bank, IDF troops assault Palestinian workers during a raid on a bakery in c. Nablus, injuring 3. The IDF conducts house searches and arrest raids nr. Tulkarm, Hebron, Nablus, and Ramallah; patrols in 1 village and al-Fawar r.c. nr. Hebron. Israeli settlers destroy 12 olive trees and saplings in a village nr. Nablus and leave racist price-tag graffiti. In s. Israel, Israeli police violently disperse around 10,000 Palestinians protesting after a funeral held in Rahat for Sami al-Ajar, the Palestinian bedouin killed by police on 1/14, killing another Palestinian bedouin with tear gas, injuring over 40, and detaining 5 for throwing stones. The Arab High Follow-Up Comm. calls for an extension of the general strike in Rahat began after al-Ajar’s killing, and for a general strike in all Palestinian areas of Israel on 1/20. (MNA 1/17, 1/18; +972, JP, MNA, WAFA 1/19; MNA, OCHA 1/23)

Following Canadian FM John Baird’s meeting with PA FM al-Maliki in Ramallah, dozens of Palestinians throw shoes and eggs at Baird’s vehicle, protesting Canada’s recent proIsrael positions. (MNA, WAFA 1/18)

The PA unity govt. announces that it will pay its civil servants 60% of their salaries for 12/2014 by the end of the week. The funds were reportedly collected through loans from banks, aid from Arab countries, and existing domestic resources. Around 200 PA employees loyal to Mohammad Dahlan will not receive paychecks. (MNA, WAFA 1/18; NYT 1/20; TOI 1/25)

In Syria, an Israeli helicopter fires 2 missiles at a 3-car convoy nr. Qunaytra in the Golan Heights, killing 6 Hizballah fighters and 6 mbrs. of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. (AFP 1/18; JP, MNA 1/19; JP 1/20; YA 1/31)

Dep. ministers from Iran and the P5+1 meet in Geneva for negotiations over Iran’s disputed nuclear program. Earlier in the day, reps. of China and Iran conduct bilateral meetings. (ALM 1/18; AP 1/21)