Tuesday, February 13, 1996

In Oslo, Israel, Jordan, PA initial agmt. on managing scarce water resources. (QY 2/13, JP 2/14 in FBIS 2/14; WT 2/14)

Egypt-Israel-Jordan-PA technical comm. on refugees opens 2-day mtg. in Cairo. (MENA 2/13 in FBIS 2/13; MENA 2/13 in FBIS 2/14; MENA, QY 2/14 in FBIS 2/15)

EU troika meets with Pres. Asad in Damascus. (MM 2/14) (see 1/22)

Arafat receives Congressional delegation in Jericho. (VOP 2/13 in FBIS 2/14) (see 2/8)

PA police arrest 2 Islamic Jihad mbrs. in the West Bank on charges of plotting a bombing inside Israel. (QY 2/13 in FBIS 2/14)

Israeli gunboats fire on Lebanese fishing vessels off the coast of Tyre, s. Lebanon, sinking 1 boat. (RL 2/12 in FBIS 2/12) (see 2/5)

In Saudi Arabia, King Fahd resumes his full duties. (MM 2/13) (see 1/1)