Tuesday, August 22, 1995

In Gaza, Arafat meets with German Economics M Carl-Dieter Spranger meets with Arafat in Gaza, Israeli Finance M Avraham Shohat in Jerusalem regarding economic aid. (VOP 8/22 in FBIS 8/23; JP 8/22, QY 8/25 in FBIS 8/25; Handelsblatt [Duesseldorf] 9/14 in FBIS 9/15)

U.S. Asst. Secy. of State Pelletreau makes 2d visit to Jordan in less than 1 wk., briefs King Hussein on talks with Saudi Arabia's King Fahd, Kuwaiti officials; leaves for Washington. (AFP 8/22 in FBIS 8/22; JT 8/23 in FBIS 8/24)

Based on information received fr. `Abd al-Nasir Issa, a wanted Hamas mbr. arrested 8/19, Shin Bet uncovers "bomb-making factory" in West Bank, arrests 29 Hamas suspects, charges Issa as "mastermind" of 7/24, 8/21 bombings. Shin Bet says Issa confessed within hours of the 8/21 attack, after agents were permitted to use "exaggerated physical force" during interrogation. In hunt for other Hamas mbrs, Israel seals off Jericho, closes Allenby bridge crossing. (QY 8/23, 8/24 in FBIS 8/24; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 8/24; MM 8/25; WT 8/29; WJW 8/31; JP 9/9)