Monday, September 25, 1995

PA cabinet approves Oslo II agmt., with Labor M Samir Ghawshah, Telecommunications M `Abd al-Hafiz al-Ashab abstaining over Hebron clauses. (CSM, MM 9/26; VOP 9/26 in FBIS 9/26)

DFLP, Hamas, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria issue statements denouncing Oslo II agmt. (SANA 9/25, INRA [Tehran], The Times [London] 9/26 in FBIS 9/26)

PSF cmdr. Maj. Gen. Nasr Yusuf says he has 6,000 policemen, security personnel ready to assume duties in the West Bank; expects 4,000-5,000 additional men to come fr. outside the territories to assume duties. (VOP 9/25 in FBIS 9/26)

In Amman, Jordanian security forces arrest 3 Fatah-Uprising mbrs, charge them with attacking the Israeli embassy in the Hotel 9/18. (Al-Bilad 10/4 in FBIS 10/3 [dates as published])

In s. Lebanon, Hizballah shells IDF post, killing 2, wounding 2. (MM, NYT 9/26)