Wednesday, October 11, 1995

PM Rabin is put under tighter security following events at 10/10 speech, arrest of 2 Kach mbrs for damaging his car in attack similar to that against Housing M Ben-Eliezer 10/6. Shin Bet worries that Kach activists are too well acquainted with Rabin's schedule. (ITV 10/11 in FBIS 10/12)

IDF withdraws fr. West Bank villages of Qabatiyya, Yatta, Kharbata. (MM 10/11; QY, VOP 10/11 in FBIS 10/12; WP, WT 10/12; JP 10/21)

Zalman Shoval, director of Likud foreign relations, initiates campaign to have 100,000 Israelis sign a petition calling on the Pres. Clinton to support Dole bill on moving the U.S. embassy fr. Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. (MA 10/11 in FBIS 10/11)

PSF sentences 6 security agents to jail terms btwn. 2 wks and 6 mos for mistreating prisoners in PA custody. (VOP 10/12 in FBIS 10/13; JP 10/21)

Immediately after his release fr. prison, Palestinian Sa'id Kalbani is detained, shot in the knees by a group of Fatah Hawks. (JP 10/21)

In s. Lebanon, Hizballah attacks IDF position, wounding 1 IDF soldier. IDF, SLA retaliate, killing 1 Hizballah mbr., wounding 2. (MM 10/11; QY, VOL 10/11 in FBIS 10/11; Rl 10/11 in FBIS 10/12; JP 10/21)