Sunday, October 29, 1995

Amman economic summit opens. (JT, JTV, MENA, QY, VOA 10/29 in FBIS 10/30; NYT 10/30; WP 11/1; MEI 11/3)

In Amman, Secy. of State Christopher meets with PM Rabin, FM Peres to discuss Syrian-Israeli negotiations. (SARR 10/30 in FBIS 10/31)

In Amman, King Hussein meets with Secy. of State Christopher, Russian FM Kozyrev, Israeli PM Rabin, FM Peres. (JTV 10/29 in FBIS 10/30; JTV 10/30 in FBIS 10/31)

Islamic Jihad selects new head--Ramadan Abdallah Shallah, 40-yr.-old religious speaker, who received economics and political science degrees in England, U.S. In Gaza, Hebron Palestinians protest Shiqaqi assassination. (QPAR, QY 10/29 in FBIS 10/30; NYT, WP, WT 10/30; MM, WT 10/31; CSM, WP, WT 11/1; WJW 11/2)

Israeli navy fires on 5 fishing boats operating off the coast of Tyre, Lebanon; abduct 3 fishermen fr. 1 boat, interrogates them for several hours. (RL, VOL 10/29 in FBIS 10/30) (see 10/10)