Thursday, November 9, 1995

In his 1st visit to Israel, Arafat flies to Tel Aviv to pay his condolences to Leah Rabin. (MM, NYT, WP 11/10; QY 11/10 in FBIS 11/13; WT 11/11; CSM 11/13)

British Foreign Secy. Malcolm Rifkind meets with PM Peres in Israel; then meets with Arafat. (JTV, VOP 11/9, JTV, RJ 11/10 in FBIS 11/13; NYT 11/11)

Israeli police arrest 3 friends of Yigal Amir--Drori Adini, Michael Epstein, Ohad Skornik--in connection with Rabin's assassination; say they believe Amir did not act alone. In the yard of the nursery school in Herziliya run by Amir's mother, police uncover crates of arms, grenades, explosives, detonator, fuses. Of the 5 arrested thus far, all are native-born religious nationalists, in their 20s, fr. middle-class backgrounds; all completed military service, 2 in elite brigades; 4 attended Bar-Ilan University. (MM 11/9; QY 11/9 in FBIS 11/9; CSM, NYT, WP 11/10; NYT, WT 11/11)