Thursday, June 15, 1995

Israeli Environment M Yossi Sarid meets with Arafat, Planning M Shaath in Gaza; discusses redeployment, elections, transfer of powers, release of prisoners; calls on Arafat to settle for partial troop pullback in West Bank to be followed by Palestinian elections in the fall. Arafat rejects offer. (MM 6/15; QY, RE, VOP 6/15 in FBIS 6/16; CSM, WT 6/16; MEI 6/23)

PA Transportation M `Abd al-`Aziz al-Hajj Ahmad announces draft transportation agmt. with Jordan, opening of commerce crossing point at King Hussein Bridge. (al-Dustur 6/15 in FBIS 6/16; JTV 6/15 in FBIS 6/19; PR 6/18)

IDF seizes 30 dunums of land belonging to al-Wadiri Agricultural College nr. Tulkarm, begins clearing area to build joint liaison office in advance of redeployment. (QY 6/15 in FBIS 6/16)

After allegedly finding "inciting" Hamas material during raid, IDF closes Aroura mosque nr. Ramallah for 5 mos. (PR 6/25) (see 5/17)

In Beirut, U.S. Asst. Secy. of State Pelletreau says U.S. will begin easing travel ban on Lebanon by allowing airlines to ticket non-Americans for travel btwn. the 2 countries; urges Lebanon to sign international antiterrorism agmt. Hizballah balks, saying U.S. is in no position to call others "terrorists." (MM 6/15)

Hizballah fires 12 rockets into n. Israel, killing 1, wounding 1. IAF strikes targets north of self-declared security zone, wounding 4. (MM 6/15; IDF Radio, QY 6/15, IDF Radio, MA, QY 6/16 in FBIS 6/16; MM 6/16; MEI 7/21)