Sunday, July 2, 1995

Israeli Gen. Shahak, military expert to Syrian talks in Washington, briefs cabinet on talks with Syrian counterpart Gen. Shihabi; says Syria offered a demilitarization ratio of 10:6 (Syria:Israel), which Israel rejects. (QY 7/2 in FBIS 7/3; ITV 7/3, HA 7/4 in FBIS 7/5; WT 7/4)

U.S. presents compromise on early warning stations in Golan. Suggests Israel vacate Mount Hermon, replace IDF troops with unmanned electronic equipment, give Syria similar unmanned post in Galilee. Israel, Syria are considering idea. (HA 7/2 in FBIS 7/3)

PA says 1st group of 2,000 Palestinian military personnel, administrators soon will leave Algeria for Gaza in preparation for their deployment West Bank after self-rule agmt. is signed. (SA 7/2 in FBIS 7/7)

Hizballah holds its biennial gen. assembly mtg. at 3 undisclosed sites in Lebanon; reelects Hasan Nasrallah as sec. gen.; defines peacetime agenda to be implemented after agmt. with Israel is signed; makes organizational changes to transform Hizballah fr. a resistance group into a political party to better deal with current Lebanese political environment. (al-Safir 7/13 in FBIS 7/14; MM 7/28)