Thursday, July 13, 1995

U.S. envoy Ross makes unexpected return trip to Damascus to meet with FM al-Shara`, unsuccessfully tries to set date and agenda of next round of Syrian-Israeli military talks. (MM 7/13; MBC, SARR 7/13 in FBIS 7/14; MM 7/14)

PA charge d'affaires to Jordan `Umar al-Khatib announces Israel, PA have agreed that "PA nationals" abroad, whose travel permits were valid when they left but have expired, may return to the PA areas at any time without having to renew the permits, no matter how long they were abroad. (al-Ra'y 7/13 in FBIS 7/13)

Delegates fr. Egypt, the EU, Israel, Jordan, the PA hold land transport infrastructure working group mtg. in Amman; discuss need for regional highway system, construction of bridges in Jordan. (JTV 7/13 in FBIS 7/18)

PLO Exec. Comm. mbr. and frmr. top negotiator Mahmud Abbas meets with Arafat in Gaza to discuss the Palestinian stand on negotiations with Israel. (VOP 7/13 in FBIS 7/13)

Heads of 4 leading U.S. rabbinical movements present Congress mbrs. with signatures of 600 U.S. rabbis supporting continued aid to the PLO. (MM 7/14)

Israeli Civil Administration appoints Lt. Col. Barukh Nagar, convicted several yrs ago of attacking 2 Palestinians, as governor of Hebron. (QY 7/13 in FBIS 7/14)

PM Rabin says hill nr. Efrat occupied by settlers 7/12 has been zoned for settlement for more than a yr., says he will approve requests that mobile homes be set up at the site. (QY 7/13 in FBIS 7/14)

Hamas-PFLP coalition wins al-Najah student elections by vote of 43-28, marking 1st time in 14 yrs. that Fatah has lost the election. (PR 7/28)

Jordanian FMin. says FM Kabariti has held several mtgs. with the Kuwaiti charge d'affaires in Amman, numerous Jordanian officials have met with their Kuwaiti counterparts in an attempt to normalize relations, which soured during the Gulf War. (al-Dustur 7/13 in FBIS 7/14)