Monday, July 31, 1995

The upper house of Jordanian parliament overturns (45-3) 3 laws on Israel, installs in their place legislation to allow economic and neighborly cooperation. (RJ 7/31 in FBIS 7/31; MM 8/1; MEI 8/4; JP 8/12) (see 7/26)

213 arrested, 25 injured when 400 Israeli police, soldiers evict 600 settlers fr. hilltop taken to expand Efrat settlement in protest over government plans to extend Palestinian self-rule. The hill is to be turned over to the PA under expanded self-rule. After the incident, 100s of the settlers set up tent camp nr. Beit El settlement nr. Ramallah. (IDF Radio, QY 7/31 in FBIS 7/31; MM, WT 8/1; QY 8/1 in FBIS 8/2; CSM, WT 8/2; NYT 8/7) (see 7/24)

When it docks at Ashdod port, boat broadcasting Channel 7--an antigovernment pirate station, known as "Settler Radio"--is raided, shut down by Israeli Communications Min. officials. 100s of Israelis protest. (QY 7/31 in FBIS 8/1; MM 8/1; JP 8/12)

As 1st step toward extradition fr. the U.S., Jerusalem court issues arrest warrant for Abu Marzuq on charges of funding terrorist operations.  (IDF Radio 7/31 in FBIS 7/31; IDF Radio, QY 7/31, JP 8/1 in FBIS 8/1; WP 8/1; WJW 8/3; MEI 8/4) (see 7/28)

Armed settlers try to attack Faisal Husseini while visiting Arab Children's Home in East Jerusalem, are stopped by Israeli police. (VOP 7/31 in FBIS 8/1) (see 7/29)