Wednesday, March 22, 1995

PM Rabin, Pres. al-Asad reportedly accept 4-stage U.S. formula for drafting military annex to future peace agmt. 1st, Israeli, Syrian ambs. will define gaps, points of agmt. and fix agenda for talks btwn. military experts. 2d, U.S. envoy Ross will shuttle btwn. Israel, Syria compiling comprehensive list of gaps, agmts. 3d, military experts will meet in Washington to find military solution based on concerns listed. 4th military chiefs of staff will meet to draft annex. (MA 3/22 in FBIS 3/22; al-Ittihad al-Usbu`i 3/23 in FBIS 3/28)

IDF approves reclassification of 2,500 acres along Green Line, nr. Hebron, as closed military zone for indefinite period, raising fears Israel will try to move the line. (JP 5/10 in FBIS 5/10)

Egypt drops threat to reject extension of NPT unless Israel joins, following heavy lobbying by U.S., Japan. (NYT 3/23) (see 3/20)

25 Israeli companies participate in Cairo International Trade Fair for 1st time since 1987. (Davar 3/22 in FBIS 3/23)

Palestinian police arrest 70 alleged Hamas mbrs. in wake of Beersheba incident 3/21. (QY 3/22 in FBIS 3/22)

Israel orders 4 mosques in Ramallah closed for 3-6 mos. for "inciting" against Israel. (WT 3/23)