Thursday, March 23, 1995

PM Rabin tells VP Gore Israel will not discuss a Middle East nuclear-free zone until it has peace agmts. with all its neighbors, Iran; hints Israel will not meet 7/1 deadline on elections talks with PA (see 3/9) if Arafat does not prevent incidents like 3/19 shooting, 3/21 truck incident. PA Planning M Shaath says he "never believed that date in the first place." (MM 3/23; QY 3/23 in FBIS 3/23; IDF Radio, QY 3/23, HA 3/24 in FBIS 3/24; MM 3/24; NYT, WP 3/25; MEI 3/31; JP 4/1)

Arafat meets with Pres. Mubarak meet in Cairo to discuss peace process, asks him to relay message to Pres. Clinton regarding impediments to implementing DOP. Arafat then meets with U.S. Foreign Relations Council delegation, discusses economic aid. (MENA 3/23 in FBIS 3/23; MENA, VOP 3/23 in FBIS 3/24)

Syrian FM al-Shara`, Egyptian FM Musa meet in Cairo to discuss Syrian-Israeli negotiations. (MENA 3/23 in FBIS 3/23; SATN 3/23 in FBIS 3/24)

Arab League passes resolution supporting indefinite NPT renewal but saying 22 mbr.-states are free to vote how they will; does not link renewal with Israel's joining NPT. U.S. official says "if the Egyptians were lobbying [against renewal], the Arab League resolution would never have passed." (AFP 3/22, 3/23 in FBIS 3/23; MENA 3/23 in FBIS 3/24; WT 3/31)

Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert says PA has violated Israeli authority over the city by taking control of all 20 Waqf schools (previously run by Jordan). PA funding for schools is part of $27 m. raised by Arafat advisor Husseini fr. Saudi Arabia. Remaining money is slated for Jerusalem housing (see 3/13). (JP 3/24 in FBIS 3/27; JP 4/1; WJW 5/5; JP 5/13)

To date, 93 senators have signed on to Sen. Alfonse D'Amato and Sen. D. Patrick Moynihan's letter, calling on the pres. to move the U.S. embassy in Israel fr. Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. (WJW 3/23) (see 2/3)

IDF, Hizballah exchange fire in s. Lebanon, leaving 1 civilian dead, 1 wounded. (AFP, RL 3/23 in FBIS 3/24)