Sunday, May 7, 1995

Before AIPAC talk, Clinton reportedly meets with Rabin, offers "bridging proposals" for security arrangements to move Syrian-Israeli talks forward; Rabin accepts proposals. Israeli negotiator Rabinovitch denies report. (QY 5/8 in FBIS 5/8; MM 5/10, 5/11; QY 5/11 in FBIS 5/11)

Clinton, Rabin address AIPAC convention, stress need to maintain level of aid to Israel, fear of terrorism exported fr. Iran. Rabin's prepared speech calls for giving aid to PA, but he omits reference in actual speech. Clinton is 1st president to address AIPAC. 55 senators, 114 representatives attend. (WT 5/7; MM, NYT 5/9; HA 5/9 in FBIS 5/9; WJW 5/11)

Israeli FM Peres arrives in Cairo for mtg. with Egyptian officials, PA negotiators, says recent confiscation of land in Jerusalem "is not a political development" but a demographic one. (MENA, QY 5/7, MENA 5/8 in FBIS 5/8; QY 5/8 in FBIS 5/9; CSM 5/9; WJW 5/11)

2 Hizballah mbrs. are killed in clash with IDF, SLA in s. Lebanon. (VOL 5/7 in FBIS 5/8)