Sunday, November 20, 1994

Arafat holds mtgs. with Fateh, Islamic groups; indirectly accuses Israel of sparking 11/18 violence in attempt to assassinate Hamas leaders; releases 31 Islamic Jihad mbrs. fr. jail to appease opposition. Protests continue, Hamas asks Arafat to fire Justice M Frayh Abu-Midyan, 2 senior police officials. (NYT, WP, WT 11/21; VOP 11/20, 11/21 in FBIS 11/22, MM 11/22; PR 11/27; MEI 12/2)

PM Rabin states some Israelis are acting with "criminal irresponsibility" by "spreading lies" in the U.S. to discourage U.S. government fr. stationing of troops in Golan, asks embassy staff in U.S. to confront them. (IDF Radio, QY 11/21 in FBIS 11/21) (see 9/29)

Israeli FM Shimon Peres suggests Israel ease economic pressure on PA by giving PA $13 m. in tax money collected fr. Palestinians working in Israel. Some MKs oppose suggestion, saying Israel should not fund Palestinian autonomy. (QY 11/20 in FBIS 11/21; WP 11/21)

Sen. Helms calls Syrian efforts at peace a "fraud," says he will oppose U.S. troop presence in Golan as head of Foreign Relations Comm. (QY 11/20, Davar 11/21 in FBIS 11/21; NYT, WP 11/22)

PM Rabin orders more troops to guard settlements in Gaza Strip. (WP, WT 11/21)

7 Fateh Central Comm. mbrs. living outside autonomous areas hold mtg. in Tunis to discuss 11/18 violence. (Al-Sharq Al-Awsat 11/25 in FBIS 11/29)

New weekly newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadid is issued in o.t., claiming to be "new opposition," accepting PA while improving its performance fr. within. It is published by frmr. PLO Amb. to Moscow Nabil `Amr, edited by Hafiz Barghouti. (PR 11/20)