Monday, November 21, 1994

PM Rabin meets with Pres. Clinton in Washington, gives Clinton proposal to be handed to Syrian Pres. al-Asad. Clinton says he will lobby to maintain level of aid to Israel; for continued cooperation with Arrow missile program; for U.S. troop presence in Golan Heights if agmt. btwn. Israel, Syria is reached. Sen. Robert Dole, expected to become Senate maj. leader, also pledges to keep econ. aid to Israel at current level. (MM 11/21; QY 11/21 in FBIS 11/22; MM, NYT, WP 11/22; MEI 12/2; MM 12/7)

Arafat, 10,000 supporters hold rally in Gaza City to show support for peace with Israel. (QY 11/21 in FBIS 11/22; MM, WP, WT 11/22; CSM 11/28; MEI 12/2)

Fateh sets up 7 "emergency committees" to patrol with Palestinian police, act against Hamas and Islamic Jihad, remove opposition graffiti and write pro-PA graffiti. Comm. mbrs. will be armed, in plain clothes, mostly fr. Fateh Hawks. (QY 11/22 in FBIS 11/22)

PLO, Hamas agree on formula to end violence, but Hamas will not sign accord until Arafat takes responsibility for 11/18 incident. (AFP, QY 11/21 in FBIS 11/22; CSM 11/22; WP 11/24).

UN envoy to the Middle East Terje Larsen says Palestinians standard of living has dropped 50% since signing of Oslo agmt., appeals to donor countries to send promised aid. (AFP 11/22 in FBIS 11/23; QY 11/23 in FBIS 11/29)