Thursday, December 15, 1994

Round of Israeli-Palestinian talks on elections ends in Cairo. PA Planning M Shaath says Israeli submitted its 1st response to PA's proposals for elections submitted 10/25, but does not elaborate. Sides also discuss transportation of goods, Palestinian prisoners. (MENA, RE 12/15, MENA, VOP 12/16 in FBIS 12/16)

Joint Jordanian-Israeli economic comm. announces decision to create subcommittee on investment, industrial cooperation, monetary, banking issues; goal to reach free trade agmt., most favored nation status btwn. 2 countries, based on NAFTA model. (JP 12/16 in FBIS 12/21)

Middle East Arms Control Group ends mtg. in Tunis. Mbrs. agree to form 3 regional security/conflict-prevention centers (Amman, Qatar, Tunis) with main headquarters in Cairo; do not agree on joint declaration defining security relations because of difference over Israel's signing of NPT. Next mtg. scheduled for 6/95. (HA 12/16 in FBIS 12/19)

Refugee Working Group ends mtg. in Ankara, submits proposal for vocational training program for Palestinian refugees. Plan would cost $20 m. over 3 yrs. (TRT Television 12/15 in FBIS 12/19)

U.S. Congressional Research Service reports Iran's Amb. to Jordan Ahmad Dastmalchian might be funding Hamas, Islamic Jihad for Palestine. (MM 12/16; WT 12/19)