Friday, January 6, 1995

PA Culture M `Abid Rabbu holds mtg. with Arab Journalists Association (AJA) pres. Na`im Toubassi, tells him PA will begin issuing press cards to qualified journalists. Gaza Journalists' League treasurer Zakariyya Talmas complains only 3 journalist qualify for cards under PA rules "and they are dead." (Jerusalem Times 1/6 in FBIS 1/9)

Mtg. of all Arab FMs in Tunis ends. Parties recommend countries donate funds on bilateral basis, turn down PA request to recognize validity of Palestinian passports, fail to reach agmt. on aid for Palestinian police. PA delegation angered. (MM 1/6)

Jerusalem district director for Israeli Housing Min., Rina Zamir, says construction of 10,000 housing units in and around East Jerusalem will begin this yr. (MM 1/6; JP 1/6 in FBIS 1/6; MM 1/16)

Arafat loyalists, opponents clash in `Ayn Hilwa r.c. in southern Lebanon after Arafat announces 400 Palestinians will be transferred to Gaza shortly. No casualties reported. PLO says Israel approved the transfer of 2,000 post-1948 refugees fr. Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Sudan, Tunisia; Lebanon's quota is 470. (RL, VOL 1/5 in FBIS 1/6; MM 1/6; VOL 1/6, Voice of the South 1/7 in FBIS 1/9; Al-Hayat 1/7 in FBIS 1/11) (see 12/19)

Syrian FM Faruq al-Shara` visits Tehran to give Pres. Hashemi Rafsanjani message fr. Pres. al-Asad about improving relations. (MM 1/11) (see 12/30)

Israel denies giving any U.S. technological information to China. (WT 1/7) (see 1/4)

U.S. Defense Secy. William Perry arrives in Egypt for 2-day visit, talks with Pres. Mubarak about Egypt's threat to withdraw fr. NPT, promises to defend aid to Egypt in Congress. (MENA 1/6 in FBIS 1/9; WT 1/9; MEI 1/20)

1 settler shot dead, 1 wounded in West Bank nr. Ramallah. PFLP claims responsibility in revenge for killings on 1/4. (MM 1/6; QY 1/6 in FBIS 1/6;  AFP 1/7 in FBIS 1/9; WJW 1/12; JP 1/14)