Tuesday, January 10, 1995

Joint Jordanian-Israeli water comm. meets in Tiberias, continues discussion of implementation of treaty, dam project. (RJ 1/11 in FBIS 1/12)

Arafat meets with Pres. Mubarak in Cairo, discusses settlements, peace talks; publicly appeals to U.S. to pressure Israel on settlements. FM Musa says Israel is jeopardizing peace by stalling on implementation of DOP, refusing to sign NPT. (MM 1/10; MENA 1/10 in FBIS 1/10; WT 1/11; MENA 1/10, MENA, JP 1/11 in FBIS 1/11)

PM Rabin says government will go on building in East Jerusalem; adds Israel must hold on to parts of West Bank to secure border with Jordan. (MM 1/11; HA 1/11 in FBIS 1/12; MEI 1/20)

Labor, Meretz MKs meet with PA representatives led by Culture M `Abid Rabbu in East Jerusalem to discuss obstacles to peace. (QY 1/10 in FBIS 1/12)

FM Peres leaves on 6-day trip to France, Latin America to boost peace process. Arrives in France for talks with Pres. Mitterrand on economic ties btwn. Israel, EU, Arab states. Reportedly discusses methods of advancing peace process with Syrian business executive (perhaps Nahid Tlass) given mandate by Pres. al-Asad to act as his go-between. (MM 1/10, 1/12, 1/13)

IDF reports Palestinian police prevented confrontation btwn. 6 PSF mbrs. (incl. PSF Gaza head Muhammad Dahlan), IDF soldiers escorting school bus heading to Netzarim settlement. Israel issues formal complaint about PSF to PA. (IDF Radio 1/10, QY 1/11 in FBIS 1/11; QY 1/11 in FBIS 1/12)

Jewish settlers fr. Elkana settlement bulldoze 22 acres, fence off 7 acres to begin expansion of settlement. 100s of Palestinians protest. IDF intervenes to prevent them fr. approaching construction site. (QY 1/10 in FBIS 1/11; WT 1/11; NYT 1/16)

IDF intervenes to prevent 100s of Jewish settlers fr. establishing new settlement on West Bank site where girl was killed 1/6, arrests 14. (MM, WT 1/11)