Saturday, January 14, 1995

In 2d day of mtgs., FM Peres presses Argentinean Pres. Carlos Menem to step up investigation of Jewish center bombing 7/94, welcomes his attempts to mediate btwn. Syria, Israel. (WT 1/15, NYT 1/17; MEI 1/20) (see 11/23)

American, Arab officials say plans for regional bank are being scaled back to overcome opposition fr. Saudi Arabia, France. Bank expected to have initial capital of only $1.5 b., not expected to give subsidized loans. (NYT 1/14) (see 1/11)

Lebanese FM Buwayz, Peter Martinez, head of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan desk at U.S. State Dept., meet in Beirut; discuss agenda for upcoming U.S.-Lebanon Security Comm. mtg. to cover bilateral relations only. (VOL 1/14 in FBIS 1/17)

YESHA Council reports that through natural growth, new arrivals West Bank settler population has grown 17% since PM Rabin took office. (QY 1/14 in FBIS 1/17; NYT 1/16, 1/20)

Frmr. PM Yitzhak Shamir gives interview on Gulf War; says Israel was in constant communication with Jordan, flew reconnaissance flights over Iraq, was shocked frmr. U.S. pres. George Bush ended war before Saddam Hussein was overthrown. (IDF Radio 1/14 in FBIS 1/17; WP, WT 1/15)

In reaction to ax attack 1/12, settlers fr. Kiryat Arba riot in Hebron's main market, fire rifles in air, destroy Palestinian merchandise. IDF uses tear gas to disperse Palestinians, injuring 10. (MEI 1/20)