Wednesday, August 17, 1994

Israeli FM Shimon Peres says Israeli-Palestinian Liaison Comm. agreed to international temporary force for deployment in West Bank. Troops to be fr. Australia, Turkey, Norway, Finland, 2 European countries. Palestinians to man Gaza, Jericho crossing pts. Israel to issue 35,000 new work permits to Gaza Palestinians. (MENA 8/17 in FBIS 8/18; JP 8/27)

Israel freezes plans for IDF withdrawal fr. o.t., ties extension of self-rule to a halt in Hamas attacks on Israelis. PM Yitzhak Rabin calls current steps by PNA to curb Hamas a publicity stunt. 5 of 40 Hamas mbrs. arrested by Palestinian police 8/15 still held. (QY 8/17 in FBIS 8/18; NYT 8/18)

Jordan's Tourism M Muhammad Al-Idwan arrives in Israel for joint talks, 1st high-level Jordanian official to publicly visit Israel. (Near East Report 8/22)

IDF Chief of Staff Gen. Ehud Barak meets Defense Secy. William Perry, JCS Chmn. Gen. John Shalikashvili, National Security Advisor Anthony Lake in Washington; stresses Israel should hold onto all of Golan for security purposes. (ITV 8/17 in FBIS 8/18; WT 8/19)

PNA M of Trade and Econ. Ahmad Qurai` protests to Jordan that its trade agmt. with Israel (see 8/16) violates existing agmts. btwn. Israel, PLO. (ITV 8/17 in FBIS 8/18)

Hamas, Islamic Jihad, DFLP, PFLP issue leaflet saying Arafat's recent crackdown on Hamas is pushing Palestinians to "the edge of civil war." (AFP 8/17 in FBIS 8/18; MM 8/22)

IDF kills Palestinian trying to enter Israel fr. Gaza nr. Rafah. (QY 8/17 in FBIS 8/18; UNRWA News 8/24))