Thursday, August 25, 1994

Special Russian envoy to the Middle East Viktor Posuvalyuk meets with Arafat, Israeli Dep. FM Yossi Beilin, says Russia wants to be active partner in all negotiations on Jerusalem. PM Rabin says Russia is interfering, trying to bring new initiatives to the talks, should coordinate with U.S. (MM 8/26; Al-Hamishmar 8/26 in IL 8/26; VOP 8/26 in FBIS 8/26; WJW 9/1)

Arafat approves new 13-mbr. council (inc. Fateh, Hamas, PFLP) to replace Israeli-appointed mayor of Jericho Jamil Khalaf until elections are held. Hassan Salih al-Husayn, Fateh mbr. and former PLO military cmdr., will be chair. (QY, VOP 8/25 in FBIS 8/26)

Poll released by Center for Palestine Research and Studies shows Palestinians oppose Arafat's restrictions on press, prefer Palestinian over Jordanian control of Islamic trusts. 13.9% of respondents favor Hamas; 39%, Fateh. (MM 8/26; QY 8/25 in FBIS 8/30; CSM 9/21)

Israeli Dep. FM Beilin says Pakistani PM Bhutto must clear visit to Gaza with Israeli FMin., stating Cairo Agmt. leaves Israel in charge of foreign relations, in control of borders. (QY 8/24, 2/25 in FBIS 8/25; Davar 8/26 in IL 8/26)

IDF raids Salah al-Din mosque in Nablus, confiscates alleged Hamas material, seriously injures 6 Palestinian protesters. (QY 8/25 in FBIS 8/25, 8/26; JP 9/3)