Thursday, September 22, 1994

Syria rejects Israeli calls to raise level of peace negotiations from the ambassadorial level to higher diplomatic level. (WT 9/23; MM 9/29)

PM Rabin freezes Jewish Agency's plan to establish 26 new settlements in Galilee to build up Jewish population there by 35,000, says he prefers expanding existing settlements. (Yedi'ot Aharonot 9/22 in FBIS 9/22)

1000's of Jewish settlers try to storm Tomb of the Patriarchs during prayer rally to celebrate Sukkot. Israeli police prevent entry, arrest 10, injure several, place curfew on Hebron. (QY 9/22 in FBIS 9/23; WT 9/23)

PNA Econ. M Qurai` says he has resolved his differences with Arafat, withdrawn his resignation tendered 9/16; says Arafat agreed to allow more experts to be involved in planning, implementing econ. policy, but did not say he would reduce his authority over financial matters. (JP 9/22)

DFLP opens its general conference in Damascus. (RMC 10/1 in FBIS 10/3)

9 Labor MK's hold mtg. with hunger strikers in Gamla, 5 sign document drafted by Golan settler leaders "pledging allegiance to the Golan." JP reports that, to date, over 10,000 people have visited the 13 hunger strikers. (JP 9/22 in MM 9/22; HA 9/23 in FBIS 9/26) (see 9/10)