Wednesday, October 26, 1994

Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty is signed on Israel-Jordan border by PM Rabin, King Hussein. Agmt. removes trade sanctions, opens border btwn. the countries, gives Jordan special rights to holy cities in Jerusalem. Clinton attends, but neither Egypt's Pres. Mubarak, Arafat are invited. PLO factions, Hamas order general strike in Israeli o.t., autonomous areas to protest signing. (MM 10/26; VOP 10/26 in FBIS 10/26; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 10/27; JP 11/5)

Pres. Clinton addresses joint session of Jordanian parliament; outlines Middle East economic plan; says U.S. will help establish a Middle East Development Bank, provide $75 m. for new private investment in Jordan. (MM 10/27)

Multilaterals on environment end. Mbrs. agree on "Codes of good conduct and cooperation," need to prevent industrial pollution and toxic dumping, creation of regional environmental protection center in Manama. Gulf states refuse to work with Israel on Aqaba cleanup project. (AFP 10/26 in FBIS 10/27)

Hizballah shells Israeli positions in southern Lebanon. IDF, SLA respond, shelling Hizballah camps. No damage reported. (QY 10/26 in FBIS 10/26; NYT, WP, WT 10/27; JP 11/5)