Sunday, May 29, 1994

"Israeli officials" say PLO must move out of Jerusalem offices, police will prevent new PLO offices fr. opening.  Officials say opening of Palestinian housing min., conversion of Orient House into de facto F min., violate 5/4 Israel-PLO agreement.  (WP 5/30; JP 6/4)

Hamas issues leaflet renouncing killing collaborators and urging Palestinian police to "speed up a solution to this matter."  Announcement comes after Hamas kills 2 alleged collaborators in Gaza Strip.  (WP 5/30; JP 6/11)

Russian Middle East envoy Viktor Posuvalyuk arrives in Israel after mtgs. in Syria, Jordan.  (MM 5/31)

PM Rabin, interviewed by BBC, predicts cash crisis for Gaza, Jericho Palestinian admins. when Israeli subsidies end.  (WT 5/30)