Monday, May 30, 1994

IDF soldier killed in shooting incident at Nahal Oz crossing, Gaza Strip.  Soldiers on duty reported shots fr. inside Gaza Strip and returned fire.  Casualty may have been caused by IDF return fire.  Palestinian police investigate.  (NYT, WP 5/31; WJW 6/2; JP 6/11)

100s of Palestinian prisoners released fr. Qetziot ("Ansar 3") prison in implementation of 5/4 Israel-PLO accord.  (NYT, WP 5/31; WT 6/1)

Hamas stages rally attended by over 2,000 in Jericho.  (TJT 6/3)

Faisal Husseini, returning to Jerusalem fr. PNA mtg. in Tunis, says Palestinians will "not accept any change in the status quo" of Jerusalem, any Israeli closure of Orient House "would be a violation of the [5/4] agreement."  (Qol Yisra'el 5/30 in FBIS 5/31; MM 5/31)

PECDAR (Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Reconstruction) officials say PLO will be able to meet salaries of Gaza, Jericho civil servants without Israeli subsidies, but seek $300 m. in start-up assistance.  (MM 5/31; WT 6/1)

Equipment for Palestinian Broadcasting Corp. held up at Tel Aviv airport for payment of unspecified taxes to Israel, according to dep. board chmn. Sam'an Khoury.  (MM 5/31; WT 6/1; TJT 6/3)

PM Rabin meets visiting Russian Middle East envoy Viktor Posuvalyuk in Jerusalem.  Posuvalyuk tells reporters Syria "interested in achieving peace."  (MM 5/31)