Tuesday, May 31, 1994

IDF undercover unit kills 2 Hamas activists, including 1 sought for killing Shin Bet officer, in raid on al-Ram, nr. Jerusalem.  Palestinian witnesses say the 2 were put up against a wall and shot in the back.  (Qol Yisra'el 5/31 in FBIS 6/1; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/1; JP 6/11)

Israel makes last salary payment to 7,600 Palestinian Civil Admin. employees in Gaza Strip.  Palestinian National Authority to assume paying salaries, as well as those of 9,000 Palestinian police officers.  (CSM 6/2; JP 6/11)

"Freedom and Independence Party," affiliated with Fateh, PPP wins 6 of 9 seats in elections to admin. board of Bethlehem University students' council.  "Democratic Coalition" of PFLP and DFLP supporters wins 2 seats, while Islamic Movement wins 1.  (MM 6/1; TJT 6/3)

PM Rabin complains to Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Comm. that Syria is "playing for time" and not "serious" about peace.  Rabin also says U.S. mediation effort has "exhausted itself," Washington talks "an exercise in treading water."  Secy of State Christopher calls Israel-Syria talks "difficult" and "at an early stage."  (WP 6/1)

UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) releases report during annual ministerial mtg. in Amman charging Israel of diverting 7.6 b. cubic feet a year of water fr. Litani, Wazzani rivers in Lebanon.  (MM, WT 6/1)

U.S. reportedly seeks to question Lebanese Shi`ite leader Mustafa al-Dirani, kidnapped 5/21 by Israel, in connection with 1988 kidnapping, 1989 murder of USMC Col. William Higgins, according to Beirut daily al-Diyar.  (WP 6/2)