Sunday, June 19, 1994

PLO official Nabil Shaath meets Israeli negotiator Amnon Shahak at Gaza-Israel border to discuss "all unfinished business fr. the Gaza-Jericho agreement," PLO Chmn. Arafat's arrival in Jericho.  Talks are to include extension of Palestinian self-rule throughout West Bank.  (MM, WP, WSJ 6/20)

PLO Econ. Dept. head and PNA Finance M Muhammad al-Nashashibi arrives in Jericho, 1st PLO Exec. Comm. mbr. to return to self-rule areas. (MET 6/27-7/3)

Israeli cabinet approves additional 10,000 work permits for Palestinians seeking jobs in Israel.  (WSJ 6/20)

IDF reseals "terrorist's" home in al-`Izzariya, nr. Jerusalem, opened 6/18 by PCSNV.  IDF vows legal action against unsealing campaign.  (WT 6/22)

IAF rockets Hizballah bases nr. Mlita, southern Lebanon.  No casualties reported.  Raids do not disturb observances in Nabatiya of `Ashura.  (WT 6/20)

Israel lifts arms embargo on South Africa, following cancellation of UN military embargo.  (WT 6/20)