Thursday, June 23, 1994

2 PFLP guerrillas killed by SLA 2 mi. fr. Israeli border.  3d guerrilla captured, says mission was to take hostages in northern Israel.  In separate incident, Lebanese soldier killed nr. Nabatiya by howitzer shell fired fr. "security zone."  (WP 6/24)

Hamas mbr. kidnapped day before found dead in Bayt Lahiya, Gaza Strip, presumably killed by family mbrs. of collaborators he had killed.  (MM 6/23; TJT 7/1; JP 7/2)

PLO Chmn. Arafat sets new conditions for his move to Jericho.  (WSJ 6/24)

18 dunams confiscated fr. Waljah village, nr. Bayt Jala, for construction of 18,000 housing units for Israelis.  (TJT 7/1)

Israeli FM Peres, on Israeli radio, says new proposals to Syria include "security, peace, and withdrawal."  Peres says contacts must take place "away fr. the eye of the media."  PM Rabin, on IDF radio, says Israel ready for "painful compromises" with Syria, criticizes rightists who claim Arabs lack military option by referring to 1973 war.  (CSM 6/24)

U.S. Pres. Clinton offers to sponsor Washington summit mtg. btwn. Israeli PM Rabin, Jordan's King Hussein.  (WSJ 6/24)

Frmr. Saudi diplomat Mohammed al-Khilewi, who defected to U.S. 6/14, claims to have documents proving Saudi support for Hamas, Saudi surveillance of U.S. Jewish groups, including JDL.  (WSJ 6/24)[defected 6/1--WT 6/2][filed for asylum 5/31--WT 6/4]