Monday, August 8, 1994

TIPH observers leave Hebron, saying Israeli-Palestinian tensions have subsided.  Hebron Mayor Mustafa al-Natsha says observers "did not achieve their main goal" of restoring normal life to Hebron.  (NYT, WP 8/9)

Palestinian-Israeli "early empowerment" talks resume in Cairo.  (MENA 8/8 in FBIS 8/9; CSM 8/9)

Israeli PM Rabin, Jordanian Crown Prince Hassan preside at ribbon-cutting of border crossing btwn. Aqaba, Jordan, and Eilat, Israel.  Rabin becomes 1st Israeli govt. head to officially visit Jordan.  King Hussein hosts Rabin, FM Peres, and Secy of State Christopher at luncheon.  Christopher returns to Israel with Rabin, Peres for more mtgs.  Crossing is initially for use of 3d-country nationals, including Israelis with foreign passports.  Following his mtg. with Peres, Christopher announces that he will not return to Syria as planned.  (Jordanian TV 8/8 in FBIS 8/8, 8/9; MM 8/8; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 8/9; MM 8/11)

"Source" says that Argentine judge has evidence linking Iranian diplomats to 7/18 Buenos Aires bombing.  (NYT, WT 8/9)