Thursday, March 10, 1994

Cmndr. of border police in Hebron tells Israeli commission of inquiry "it's forbidden to shoot" at settlers, even when they are firing on Palestinians. West Bank IDF cmndr. Maj. Gen. Shaul Mofaz denies testimony, saying order applies only to IDF-settler or Palestinian-settler clashes, not cases of murder. Witnesses also tell commission TV surveillance system malfunctioned on day of massacre. (MM 3/10; NYT, WP, WT 3/11)

Reuters reports 11-mbr. PLO commission also investigating Hebron massacre has interviewed 25 witnesses and is examining medical records, complaints against settlers. (WT 3/11)

Palestinians attack Beit Hadassah settler enclave in Hebron when curfew lifted. IDF responds with bullets and tear gas, wounding 16 Palestinians. 2 dozen others treated for tear-gas inhalation. In Gaza Strip, 15-yr.-old shot dead by IDF in Dayr al-Balah r.c. (MM 3/10; NYT, WP, WT 3/11)

Kahane Chai leader Binyamin Kahane sentenced to 9 mos. in prison, 9 mos. suspended for assaulting police in 1991. (MM 3/11)

French DM Francois Leotard and PM Rabin sign military technology research and development cooperation agreement. Accord, covering lasers, drones, and other hightech items, is 1st Franco-Israeli defense pact since 1967. (MM 3/11; MEI 4/15)