Monday, March 14, 1994

Israeli police detain Rabbi Moshe Levinger, leader of Hebron settlers, then release him on $1,700 bond after questioning him about 11/93 incident in which he intruded into Haram al-Ibrahimi and threatened mosque official. Also questioned is his wife, Miriam, for 10/93 rampage through Palestinian market in Hebron. (CSM, NYT, WT 3/15)

Israeli police seek to confiscate 23 IDF issued submachine guns fr. settlers, out of 9,000 distributed. (NYT, WT 3/15)

Kach destroys mbrship. lists, other evidence in Jerusalem offices after being banned by 3/13 cabinet decision. Kahane Chai, also banned, closes its Jerusalem office. (NYT, WT 3/15)

Peace Now issues report estimating cost of relocating settlers in Israel proper at $2.5 b. (MM 3/15)

Israeli officials, U.S. Middle East talks coordinator Dennis Ross meet PLO Chmn. Arafat in Tunis to discuss resuming Israel-PLO negotiations. (CSM, NYT, WP, WT 3/15; WP, WT 3/16)

Secy. of State Warren Christopher meets Russian FM Andrei Kozyrev in Vladivostok, urges Russia to coordinate its efforts on Middle East peace with U.S. (CSM, WP 3/15)