Tuesday, April 12, 1994

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Cairo announce agreement on Palestinian police force, release of prisoners. Police force set at 9,000, with 2,000 recruited fr. o.t. and 7,000 fr. outside. Police will be armed with automatic rifles, handguns, and be equipped with 45 APCs and 120 medium MGs. U.S. to supply 200 jeeps and other vehicles; Saudi Arabia loans C-130 aircrafto transport police. Israel agrees to release 5,000 Palestinian prisoners-2,500 after signing of accord, 2,500 when Palestinian police take over, according to PLO official Nabil Shaath and Israeli negotiator Amnon Shahak. Hamas prisoners will not be released. Negotiations on remaining issues to resume 4/17. (NYT, WP 4/13)

Israel-PLO economic talks in Paris achieve "very significant progress" according to Israeli Finance M Avraham Shohat. Agreement reportedly close on direct and indirect taxation and financial affairs, "except for currency." Sides also divided on trade and labor. (MM 4/12, 4/13)

Settler fr. Shiloh fires at stone-throwers in al-Jib village, West Bank, kills 18-yr.-old Palestinian, 4 mos.' pregnant, in nearby house. Settler arrested, curfew imposed on al-Jib. (MM 4/12, 4/13; WP, WT 4/13)

IDF kills 1 Palestinian, wounds another during stone-throwing clashes in Jalazun r.c., West Bank. In Jericho, 5high-school students wounded by Border Police rubber bullets. (MM, NYT 4/13)

Ramallah placed under curfew as IDF searches for Palestinian fugitives; house of Dr. Muhammad Wahidi, Fateh supporter whose daughter Abir was sentenced to 17 yrs.' imprisonment for mbrship. in Fateh cell that killed a settler, attacked with gunfire and antitank rockets before being bulldozed. (NYT, WT 4/13)