Wednesday, April 27, 1994

Secy. of State Christopher meets Saudi FM Prince Saud and other GCC FMs, Saudi King Fahd in Riyadh. Christopher thanks Saudis for "firm support" of peace process; Saud condemns terrorism, extremism. U.S. and GCC states reaffirm commitment to sanctions against Iraq. Christopher also mentions lifting tertiary Arab boycott, delivers letter to King Fahd fr. Pres. Clinton asking Saudi consideration of AT&T bid for updating Saudi telephone system. (NYT, WP, WT 4/28)

Russian Dep. PM Oleg Soskovets, Syrian DM Mustafa Tlas sign agreement on military cooperation, 1st by Russia with any state since collapse of Soviet Union in 1991. Agreement covers "defensive weapons and spare parts," training. Interfax news agency reports Moscow had assured Israeli PM Rabin any deal with Syria would exclude advanced military technology. Syrian debt for previous arms purchases put at $10 b. Other accords reached on trade, economic and scientific cooperation. (CSM 4/28; NYT, WP 4/29)