Monday, December 20, 1993

Reps. of Israel, PLO, and donor countries hold talks in Oslo on creation and funding of Palestinian police force. PLO official Nabil Shaath says $100 m. needed for task. (MM 12/21)

UNGA passes resolution supporting peace process and calling for Israeli withdrawal fr. "the Palestinian territory occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem, and fr. the other occupied Arab territories." Resolution, which calls settlements "illegal and an obstacle to peace," adopted by vote of 92 for and 5 against, with 51 abstentions. (MM 12/21)

Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Monsignor Michel Sabbah, in interview, urges Israel to "rethink" position on sovereignty over Jerusalem, free Hamas leader Shaykh Ahmad Yasin as a goodwill gesture. (MM 12/20; WT 12/21)

Israeli govt. official confirms that govt. intends to annex "several hundred" dunums of West Bank land to extend Givat Ze'ev settlement toward Jerusalem. Settlers' council says 136,415 Israelis live in o.t. (MM 12/21)

Fateh Uprising, in statement fr. Damascus, warns Christian pilgrims they may not be safe if they visit Jerusalem or other holy sites in o.t. during Christmaseason. (AFP 12/20 in FBIS 12/21; WT 12/21)

3 Hamas mbrs. returned fr. exile 12/15- 'Abd al-'Aziz Rantisi, 'Abd Allah Dukan, and Muhammad Sham'a-placed under administrative detention for 6 mos. (Qol Yisra'el 12/20 in FBIS 12/21)