Monday, January 31, 1994

2 days of talks btwn. PLO Chmn. Arafat and Israeli FM Peres conclude in early morning. Arafat says Israel and PLO will reach final agreement on implementing Palestinian autonomy in Gaza and Jericho "very soon," notes he and Peres "clarified many issues," while Peres says they were able to "negotiate many [problems], maybe most of them." 2 agree to meet again in Cairo in 1 week. (CSM, NYT, WP, WT 1/31)

Mbrs. of Fateh "Ahmad Abu Rish Brigade" in Gaza claim responsibility for 1/29 grenade attack on IDF, citing stepped-up arrests of Fateh activists as motive. (RMC 1/31 in FBIS 2/1; NYT 1/31)